Revolution By Light

Join the Revolution by Light. Channel Light on WORLD CHANNELS DAY on 31ST JANUARY 2014, from anywhere at any time for at least seven minutes. Join more than 8,00,000 others who will channel Light. Make your contribution to World Peace. No registration or fees is required.

Channel Light. Heal yourself. Heal the World..

We entered the aura of the Photon Belt in 2009, three years before entering the Photon Belt itself. In 2011, someone asked me:

“Are there any changes after we entered the aura of the Photon Belt?”

There are many changes. We have to be alert and attentive to notice them.

A very important change is, good and bad can no longer coexist, either in an individual, in a country or in the world. The true nature of human beings as well as nations is surfacing. We used to tolerate the evil. We cannot tolerate it anymore.

A kind of cleansing and purging is taking place. Environmental changes are hastening. Though there is a lot of violence, there is more peace and more opportunities for peace. The possibility of wars is receding.

Collective voices are gaining strength. People are protesting and revolting against authoritarian regimes for their rights. Political systems are weakening. Democracy appears to have failed. 

Let us be more concerned about the changes that are taking place within us and in our families. I notice that, where people can be happy, they somehow choose discord. At the same time, some people are able to make the right choices even when there is discord, and live happily.

The Photon Belt is not just one more energy field. It is the most important energy field. It will bring a lot of changes.

Guruji Krishnananda

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